iPad App

Control is done by means of a powerful and easy to use multi-device control interface. The Ipad application offers, at a single glance, complete information of the basic training parameters of each person being trained and this enables quick and simple readjustments.


Wiemspro, an electrical stimulation system (EMS) for sports, comes with a series of accessories (cables) that make it compatible with the vests and suits, manufactured by main brands, that are already in the market. This enables the trainer to use vests already owned regardless of the brand.

iPad Control

Our developed application for Apple iPad, from which the electrical muscle stimulation device is controlled simply and intuitively. Due to this application and to the device, the trainer can train up to 12 users at the same time. This allows the trainer to carry out group and collective sessions, dynamic and inside or outside of the gym.

Electrical Stimulation EMS

Wiemspro offers an electrical muscle stimulation EMS technology with a high quality wave plus unprecedented sensations, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology in signal generation and processing.

22 Training Programs

Wiemspro has 20 training programs, and 2 additional programs that are fully configurable by the trainer.