Wiemspro is the only Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) wireless device, designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and controlled by an iPad application enabling the trainer to have sessions with groups of up to 12 people at a time, carrying out any type of activity in any location.

The first and only electro-stimulator in the world to incorporate 12 channels, wireless technology and different types of waves (EMS and TENS), all in a single device.

Wiemspro makes it possible to have EMS and TENS in the same device, offering a high quality wave and unprecedented sensations with this type of device, due to the utilization of the latest technology in signal generation and processing.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Outdoor

Our electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device has an exclusive design, using a small latest generation lithium-ion battery, that offers 7 hours of continued use. This lets the trainer carry out sessions indoors in a gym or clients home or outdoors on the beach, at the countryside, a garden, etc.

Wireless Electrical Muscle Stimulation

In the past cables and wires were necessary to connect the user to the EMS machine and this hindered freedom of movement. Now Wiemspro EMS has eliminated this by means of the use of Bluetooth technology (unlimited range).

Multi-user Electrical Muscle Stimulation

We developed an application for the Apple iPad which enables the EMS device to be controlled in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to this application and the device, a trainer can work with up to 12 users all at the same time, enabling group and individual sessions to be directed from indoors or outdoors.